The AS Automation Design Project began with a logo redesign and then moved on to Stationary, Company Profile Brochure, Product Brochures, Signage and Vehicle Branding. Some interesting ideas came out of this project including a transformed colour palette for Renderings and a Brushed Aluminium Shield, which you can view at the bottom of this page.

AS Porti 1

AS Porti 2

During the course of the project we created a whole new colour palette for my client’s in-house 3D Renderings. See before and after graphics below…


3D Rendering Palette

AS Porti 3

A really fun part of the project was the creation of the Brushed Aluminium Shield (45cm H) affirming my client’s faith and integrity in his business! The photo below shows the process from original design (left), to production and completion (right).


AS Auto Shield

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