Kwikspace Modular Buildings has 6 different products which I designed icons for. These feature on the Company Folder design, below, and 1 each on the respective Product Brochures. The product brochures began as a 4 page design but developed into 6 pages to accommodate floor plans (See Brochure Covers and 3 layouts below). The style was to look hand drawn, so they were created in Adobe Illustrator. See bottom of the page for a Floor Plan details.


Kwikspace Porti 2a

Kwikspace Porti 2b

Kwikspace Porti 2c

Kwikspace Porti 2d Kwikspace Porti 2e Kwikspace Porti 2f Kwikspace Porti 2g

Accommodation x 4 sleeper 10422-3x Clinic Drawing Number 105


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