The concept for this job was to produce something Fun and youthful! The target audience was youth and young adults. My client is a world class ventriloquist, who also happens to be my son. He has appeared on Television and won international competitions and wanted to produce a show that was fun and informative. The focus was on how you can train your brain for better education! I am also currently creating his website which will be going live soon.


A&F Porti 1

A&F Porti 10

A&F Porti 2


These poster designs are for children’s shows with the most recent one being presented at the Montecasino Bird Gardens in 2013. It needed a fun and appealing look, while incorporating the Bird Gardens idea in the background.


A&F Porti 3

A&F Porti 7

A&F Porti 5


A&F Porti 11



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